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Answer: I have received requests to read, un-published manuscripts from other writers. I cannot comply with these requests. This is no way a reflection on the people or their work. I am unable to do so because of my own work schedule and the legal ramifications if someone else’s work influenced me to write something similar. Therefore, if I get an unsolicited manuscript I put it straight in the trash, this is nothing against the writer it has everything to do with the legal ramifications. This is also the same reason I do not take book ideas.
Answer: My advice is the same as what I have received from other authors. If you want to be a writer, write. If you stop, start again. Save everything that you write. If you feel blocked, write through it until you feel your creativity flowing again. Writing is what makes a writer, write the book you would read. Remember, there are no rules for our profession ignore rules, ignore critics anybody can be a critic, do it your own way. Never, go into writing for the money do it for the love of writing.
Answer: From life plain and simple, I write about everyday situations that people deal with and how they deal with that situation and what they learn from it. There are so many subjects that people do not talk about that need looking at and discussing. There is always a lesson to learn from what might be the most trivial to the most devastating event in a person’s life.
Answer: I do have beta readers, my beta readers have to be interested in the book genre I write in they have to give an honest assessment of what they read. , I do consider what their opinions are on what they like or do not like about a book that is as far as it goes I do not take ideas from my beta readers. You have to trust your Beta readers so do not just pick John Doe from www.???? Pick people you know.
Answer: I cannot say that I would never write a romance or a fantasy novel, I could say I do not like to write in the subjects I read. I prefer to read fantasy and, sci-fi. I read this genre the most so I chose not to write in that genre for many reasons. I do not read romance or hard romance; it is not that I think romance books are not worth reading. Romance is a subject that has never interest me as a reader or writer.
Answer: Here is my policy on signing books: You send books at your own risk! Insure them make sure you also include a postage paid return shipping envelope. I do like to sign books but I will not pay for shipping, I will not pay for the replacement of your book if lost.
Answer: The Road Chosen is Fictional with real life situations seen in a different light. I wanted to highlight on subjects that we do not often hear about unless the media deems it drastic enough to report. For instance” Bullying” In fact statistics say 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year. We just do not hear about it and most people do not give it a second thought. I wanted to bring real life situations up front, how a person deals with the situations. We can all choose to take the negative road or a positive road finding a balance between both is not easy.
Answer: I value my privacy. This sounds very unfriendly of me, so let me explain. I understand that being someone in the public eye you need to give out information about yourself and about the work you do for people to be interested in your work. However, just because someone is in the public eye it does not means everything about a person’s private life should be public knowledge.
Answer: I am always open to meeting with book clubs. All you have to do is email T.A. Bratcher at with your name and contact information. Then we can confirm Dates, Times, and Place for your book club event. Please keep in mind if you are not in Washington State it could take me a bit of time come to your event.
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Do you know about when your next book will be available for purchase? How much time do you spend coming up with a story, research, character building, story line. Sorry to ask so many questions it is just that I have been reading a lot of indie authors and you are the first one I have be lucky enough to find that actually wrote a book worth reading over and over, I really enjoyed the story of Grace,her friends and family dynamics. I can't say enough about your book!

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Thank you for the excellent questions. Right now, I am looking at November 2015 as the date for my next book The Road Taken. To answer your questions about story lines, characters, and research; the easy part is coming up with a story idea. Since I write about real life situations, it is easy to pick from an abundance of things. Building a character is one of the more simple things to do along with a story line. When I decide to go with an idea, I have already pictured how I want my characters to be, how they react to situations, how they look, their own individual personalities, and giving them a name that fits them. Research on the other hand takes up a lot of my time; somethings will take days where other things will take months or even a year. Since I write about real life situations, I take my time doing the research getting as much information on how different people react to the same situations. Even though I write fiction, I want my stories to come across as my characters have experienced them with real emotions and reactions. I think it makes it easier for the reader to feel sympathy, empathy and relate, to the story and characters.

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Anna Swab,

Would you be willing to do a public speaking spot covering the topics you wrote about in the book The Road Chosen?

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I have, and will continue to do public speaking about the topics I touched on in my books.

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