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The Road Chosen

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Grace, a young woman with a painful past, wants more than anything to embark on a road of meaning and fulfillment. However, every time her life seems to come together, it just as quickly falls apart. From her rocky beginning as the baby of a drug addict to her awkward youth as a foreigner in a small New Hampshire town, Grace must time and again work to find the strength and spirit to craft a life of her own making. The Road Chosen is one woman’s poignant story of pain and forgiveness, longing and love.

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The Road Chosen, 10/25/2016
Posted by: Rachel Stewart ~ I've recently finished The Road Chosen and have quite a lot to say about your beautifully written novel. First ... More
Wonderfully hopeful, 10/21/2016
Posted by: Mark Schultz ~ I was disconcerted by this book at first. It is not written in the same way as most books. It is written almost ... More
The Road Chosen by T.A. Bratcher, 03/16/2016
Posted by: Cecil Montgomery ~ Finally, a book that offers lots of surprise for it readers. The way of the author tells the story is quite pleasurable. ... More
One of the best books I have read in ages, 07/24/2015
Posted by: Sandra Rosenburg ~ I love how you took what could have been a simple story and turn it into meaning something wonderful. I not only ... More
The Road Chosen, 07/16/2015
Posted by: Sue Eller ~ Grace’s life is filled with challenges most of us never have to face. An orphaned child of a drug addict, she ... More
The Road Chosen is a book well worth reading, 06/02/2015
Posted by: Esther J. Hildahl President of the SASP ~ This story begins when Grace is born to an unwed drug addict and is adopted by an older couple, who have two ... More
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